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Get Back Into the Swing of Things

Natural, non-surgical, and regenerative options to help you recover faster.

Are you struggling with pain?

Do you want a natural solution?

You came to the right place.

Musculoskeletal Care Redesigned.

We treat painful orthopedic and neurologic problems including arthritis, tendinitis, and nerve inflammation.

We use natural, holistic, and technologically advanced options to promote your body's own healing power.

We treat the underlying cause of your pain, instead of just masking it with toxic daily medications or steroids (cortisone). 

  • Focus on natural and safe solutions

  • Amplify your body's healing power

  • Utilize the most advanced technology

  • Person-focused care

  • Multidiscplinary approach

When traditional healthcare no longer meets your needs, you need to find a team that is proud to be different. 

Accurate Diagnosis
A board certified pain physician is directing your care with a multidisciplinary team.
Advanced Treatments
The best technology from around the world is used to help you optimally heal. 
Caring Team

We treat you the way we would want to be treated - like a person, not a number.


You are cared for by multiple expert team members who have different training backgrounds (PT, MD, RN).

Natural Focus

Natural options provide you with benefit without compromising your health in other ways.

No Medications

We avoid the use of daily medications which carry risk of unwanted side effects. 

Diet as Medicine

We hand select the best dietary supplements to maximize your benefits from our other treatments. 

Root Cause

We will find the root cause of your problem and treat it, instead of just masking the pain.

At Your Service

Our care model allows you to text your team anytime you have questions or concerns.


We heal pain with treatments that rebuild and regenerate underlying tissue instead of just masking the pain.

Pain is affected by mood, sleep, weight, stress, diet, and exposure to toxins. We focus on all of the above.

Our commitment to every patient is that we will never stop trying to help you achieve the outcome you want.

Feedback from our Patients

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I really enjoyed working with the team at Regenerative Orthopedix in December 2022. They are really helpful and professional and you can tell that they really care about you and your wellbeing.

Shawn Isaac, MBA, MS
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After meeting with the team I decided to try the PRP injection in both of my knees. After a couple of weeks I could tell that this was a great decision. The treatment drastically improved my quality of life.


Conditions We Treat

We treat arthritis, tendinopathy, and nerve related problems which cause chronic pain. Below are some common examples of these problems we can treat with natural, safe, and effective solutions.

Featured Conditions & Treatments


Platelet Rich Plasma for Knee Arthritis

We use your own cell components (platelets) to improve knee pain and function from arthritis.


High Intensity Laser for TMJ Dysfunction

We utilize high intensity laser therapy in combination with natural supplements to reduce pain and inflammation coming from the temporomandibular joint. 


Shockwave Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis

We treat plantar fasciitis with specialized shockwave therapy in conjunction with dietary supplements.